Share Plans?

Why Share Plans?

“Effective remuneration is not just about paying employees; it’s about rewarding them.”

John Day, CEO, Smartequity

Employee share plans effectively turn your employees into shareholders, giving them a vested interest in the success of the organisation. It’s for this reason they’re becoming an increasingly popular way to attract, motivate and retain an engaged and highly capable workforce.

Employee share plans are unique in that, with meticulous administration and high employee engagement, they’re regarded as a win/win for employers and their employees. In fact, our research shows companies with effective employee share plans are more sustainable, make larger profits and pay higher wages.

With decades of experience administering hundreds of plans and trusts, and servicing thousands of shareholder-employees, Smartequity has evolved an approach that delivers seamless implementation and administration for employers and high take-up rates among employees.

Our expertise also extends beyond publicly listed companies, having successfully administered plans for private enterprises and start-ups, both in Australia and overseas. 

How could an employee share plan benefit your organisation?
  • Align employee interests with shareholders
  • Show that the company values employees
  • Share financial success with employees
  • Improve company culture by unifying organisational and employee goals
  • Attract and retain high-calibre recruits, reducing the time and cost of the recruitment process
  • Enhance employee focus on, involvement in, and ownership of successful outcomes
  • Boost job satisfaction and loyalty, and support employee retention
  • Increase wealth distribution among employees 

“Our employee share trust has been pivotal in the attraction, retention and motivation of our employees and executives.”

Andrew Arnold
Lynas Corporation Ltd