Our Service

The Smartequity team understands that an effective employee share plan is about far more than the plan itself.

Engagement at every level of the organisation – from the board to the workforce at large - is critical to the success of the plan, and where our approach makes the difference.

Smartequity is certified by ASIC and carries an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) which demands a superior level of accuracy and compliance. Over and above our diligent administering of various plan and trusts, Smartequity works to engage, educate and empower eligible employees with tailored seminars, handbooks and ongoing support so that employees feel confident in participating and a sense of ownership in successful outcomes for the business.

In short, maximum employee participation is all in the communication.

As CEO and Smartequity founder, John Day puts it, “if employees don’t understand what they’re doing, they don’t trust and, therefore, don’t engage.”

Smartequity provides flexible management plans to private, public, start-up and international companies, and we tailor the level of outsourcing to meet the needs of individual organisations. These services include:
  • Full outsource plan administration and management for a range of equity plans, including
  • broad-based plans
  • performance-based plans
  • loan-funded plans
  • start-up plans
  • employee remuneration trust plans
  • Process implementation with training and support for high-level managers from a dedicated Client Manager
  • Ongoing confidential and personalised support for both organisation and employee-shareholders, with timely resolution of queries and anomalies
  • Flexible and convenient online communications for employers and plan participants
  • Online employee self-service portal with a full range of transaction services, including a share sales facility, dividends, foreign currency service, and FAQs
  • Detailed and accurate reporting, including ESS electronic reporting, and the documenting of transactions
  • Australian and Global compliance and accreditation
  • Customised training for all employees, from the board to the broader workforce, with implementation seminars and handbooks delivered in plain English to ensure a thorough understanding and maximise participation
  • Trustee services​


“After lengthy research, we engaged the services of Smartequity and we’ve found them diligent, efficient, accurate and timely…”

Mark Ludski
Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd