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What are the benefits of offering shares to employees?

Employee Share Plans are an increasin...

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What services does Smartequity offer to support employees?

Smartequity takes an employee-centric...

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Does Smartequity offer share plan seminars for employees?

Absolutely. Our experience shows that...

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Is Smartequity accredited?

Yes. Smartequity carries the necessar...

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Our parent company is listed overseas. Can Smartequity administer our employee share plan?

Yes. Smartequity has the experience a...

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How much does Smartequity charge to administrate employee share plans?

The cost of administration varies dep...

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Who is Smartgroup?

Smartgroup is the highly-regarded ASX...

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To set up an initial consultation, speak with a member of the Smartequity team on 1300 538 355 or contact us here.

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